Tuesday, April 5, 2011

-->March favorites<--

Hello ladies.. im finally back with another blog, idk why but i kept lagging em for a while due to my busy life lol well im back with my FIRST favorites.. for the month of march. i have 7 items that ive been luving like crazy and these are them... i had to get pics of each item from the internet due to my camera dieing on me : / but no biggie lol so lets get started.....
The first item that im gunna go over [[and this is in no order]] is the coastal scents 88 palette [[matte]]  now i know this palette is kinda old to sum makeup artist but i bairly ordered it for myself.. what i luv about this palette is the colors of course but also that most of them are matte.. i have oily skin and for some reason i refuse to wear shimmery eyeshadow because i just think with my face shiny it wouldn't help if my eyelids were shiny also.. idk call me crazy but that me :) i could pull off so many looks with this palette alone..

next is a matte eyeshadow in dallas.. i saw this eyeshadow online and i knew i would like it so once i went in and bought it i fell IN LOVE WITH IT LOL its sort of a light pink but i use it with all sorts of looks... this is my all time fav nyx eyeshadow SO FAR LOL
then theres my hard candy glamoflauge heavy duty concealer/concealer pencil.. this is my favorite concealer EVER!!! oh gosh i almost went crazy once i found it at walmart lol i literally went to like five different walmarts around me trying to find this exact concealer and none had it.. untill i just happened to go to walmart and just glanced over at the hard candy section and there it was lol this concealer is so good it covers tattoos, i myself dont have any tattoos [[cuz ima chicken lol]] but my husband has LOTS and i tryed this concealer on one of his tattoos and it completely covered the tattoo.. ill post picture on a separate blog.
I also enjoyed using my sephora sculpting disc.. its a bronzer finishing powder in the middle and a highlight on the side.. instead of pulling out three separate makeup containers i only have to get my sculpting disc out.. all three colors are amazing but what i luv most about this disc is the smell.. it has sort of a refreshing smell that i luv!!!
last are my favorite lipsticks which is macs lipstick in myth and viva glam 2. now once i tryed the myth i kinda got scared of the color but once i added a colored lip gloss to it it actually looks beautiful!! the viva glam 2 is amazing by itself.. but then again im just a sucker for nude lipsticks.. the viva glam is my everyday lipstick!!!

so thats it.. i hope you liked my very first favorites of the month so let me know what you guys think of my blog and ur guyses thoughts on these items...

Friday, January 21, 2011

My search for NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil/ china glaze nail polish

so for as long as i can remember ive been looking to buy a jumbo eyeshadow pencil.. i could not find anywhere, besides online who carries it.. ive read that ulta holds nyx products but there is no ulta around my area. 
Im seriously NOT an online shopper for makeup, ive bought one makeup product online which was my pinkfriday lipstick and it was only cuz i had to. 
so at this point i was on a freaken mission to find a nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk [[only cuz i use white alot]] i found nyx products at a local jewelery store but no jumbo pencils.. so finally i just happened to be at a "mini mall" [[indoor swap meet]] all the way out in perris ca. which is like a 25-30 minute drive away from where i live and i found a lil beauty shopping "store" in there with a tone of NYX makeup!! i mean they had EVERYTHING!! i was sooo excited. i finally got my jumbo pencil... 
I thought id share with  you guys just in case someone else has the same problem as i did with finding nyx products because i was also told that rite aid hold nyx. once i gone in to check it out there was nothing.. 

Every once in a while me and my husband like to walk around the outdoor swap meets.. and a nail booth caught my attention with china glaze nail polishes!!!
I was quick to go see the price because everything at the swap meet is like super cheap... so the price for one china glaze nail polish was..... $1.00!!!!
i was super excited because i know online their more.. im not sure the exact price but close to 2 dollars plus shipping and handling which made me even more happier :) 
so even tho sum people think the swap meets r ghetto all you shop a holics and makeup fans need to get yo asses out to the swap meets/ indoor swap meets and gets to looking cuz thats where all the good deals are!! lol 
hope my info helped ladies!! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My obsession with [[Nicki Minaj]]

So i finally got three blogs out of the way already.. and i think its about time i let the blog world know how much i LOVE NICKI MINAJ!!!
Theres something about her that got me hooked from song #1 and ive been a fan ever since..

Anyways as everyone knows nicki minaj and MAC teamed up and made her own lipstick.. called pink friday!!
i was never a lipstick fan before.. [[idk why dont ask lol]]
but if Nicki minaj made it I HAD TO HAVE IT!!
I got it the second friday it was available and i received it on Christmas eve, which was good cuz that was my Christmas present from my husband lol anyways once i actually played around with the lipstick and did my full makeup with the lipstick on i actually liked it.. and it made me a fan of lipsticks lol.. so i will be putting up a blog of the lipstick on and what i used with it cuz with the lipstick itself does not look right.. you kinda  have to play around wit it to make it look good.. so keep a look out!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NYX i dream of Barbados eyeshadow palette

first "tutorial" blog i guess.. not sure if this is how it works so feedback will really help ladies!! :) thanks! and lemme know what you guys think!!
mac studio finish concealer in nc35
mac studio fix compact in nc40
elf healthy glow bronzer in sun kissed
mac blush in sunbasque

mac painterly paintpot as a base
"i dream of barbados" palette from nyx
loreal voluminous carbon black mascara
loreal liquid eye pencil on water line

mac studio finish concealer in nc35
nyx mega shine lip gloss #129 in beige

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sum of my work...

So i finally worked on my profile a little.. and then i got a chance to check out sum other peoples blogs and then i fallowed a few too. while i was looking i noticed that everyone has like pages and pages of blogs :/ meaning i gotta get a move on and start posting a.s.a.p! so ima start gathering photos of my work and posting.. meanwhile heres a lil sample...

keep in mind that ive been doing this for only 3 years... my work seems to be getting better.. these pics are old pics so you could see what i went from then, to now! lemme kno what you guys think!

i also am having trouble with this website on finding everything, such as searching for people and so on.. but give it time and ill figure it out.. :)

New to bloging

hello blog world!! the name is ashley!! so ive been a huge "youtube makeup fan" and ive been hearing alot about bloging.. idk why i just now looked it up.. and i LOVE IT!! i never made any youtube videos before because im not really the talking kinda person on camera.. but if i blog it that will be perfect!! a lil about myself.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE MAKEUP!! i love everything about it... i do makeup on people here and there but never charged for it, because i enjoy it so much!! ill be posting pics of my work and hopefully ill be taking my skills a lil further...