Thursday, January 6, 2011

My obsession with [[Nicki Minaj]]

So i finally got three blogs out of the way already.. and i think its about time i let the blog world know how much i LOVE NICKI MINAJ!!!
Theres something about her that got me hooked from song #1 and ive been a fan ever since..

Anyways as everyone knows nicki minaj and MAC teamed up and made her own lipstick.. called pink friday!!
i was never a lipstick fan before.. [[idk why dont ask lol]]
but if Nicki minaj made it I HAD TO HAVE IT!!
I got it the second friday it was available and i received it on Christmas eve, which was good cuz that was my Christmas present from my husband lol anyways once i actually played around with the lipstick and did my full makeup with the lipstick on i actually liked it.. and it made me a fan of lipsticks lol.. so i will be putting up a blog of the lipstick on and what i used with it cuz with the lipstick itself does not look right.. you kinda  have to play around wit it to make it look good.. so keep a look out!! 


  1. Oh wow! :)

    I like how she represents the neon colors! Pink actually looks good on her! <3 You should take photos of you with that lippie!

  2. She really is amazing! Apparently when she wears the pink wig it's her "alter ego"

    Great post!

  3. I love me some nicki!! she is such a boss betch!! and I actually really love this lipstick but I find myself loving MACS St Germain a lil bit more :/ ..either way a frosty matte pink can never go wrong!

  4. its barbie bitches lol i like her to... i really love that colour lippy i must get it soon!!!

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  5. oh goodness if only i could rock a pink wig like her! she is absolutely stunning and talented la la la love her!

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  6. love Nicki and her makeup always rocks!

    Danniella xx