Tuesday, April 5, 2011

-->March favorites<--

Hello ladies.. im finally back with another blog, idk why but i kept lagging em for a while due to my busy life lol well im back with my FIRST favorites.. for the month of march. i have 7 items that ive been luving like crazy and these are them... i had to get pics of each item from the internet due to my camera dieing on me : / but no biggie lol so lets get started.....
The first item that im gunna go over [[and this is in no order]] is the coastal scents 88 palette [[matte]]  now i know this palette is kinda old to sum makeup artist but i bairly ordered it for myself.. what i luv about this palette is the colors of course but also that most of them are matte.. i have oily skin and for some reason i refuse to wear shimmery eyeshadow because i just think with my face shiny it wouldn't help if my eyelids were shiny also.. idk call me crazy but that me :) i could pull off so many looks with this palette alone..

next is a matte eyeshadow in dallas.. i saw this eyeshadow online and i knew i would like it so once i went in and bought it i fell IN LOVE WITH IT LOL its sort of a light pink but i use it with all sorts of looks... this is my all time fav nyx eyeshadow SO FAR LOL
then theres my hard candy glamoflauge heavy duty concealer/concealer pencil.. this is my favorite concealer EVER!!! oh gosh i almost went crazy once i found it at walmart lol i literally went to like five different walmarts around me trying to find this exact concealer and none had it.. untill i just happened to go to walmart and just glanced over at the hard candy section and there it was lol this concealer is so good it covers tattoos, i myself dont have any tattoos [[cuz ima chicken lol]] but my husband has LOTS and i tryed this concealer on one of his tattoos and it completely covered the tattoo.. ill post picture on a separate blog.
I also enjoyed using my sephora sculpting disc.. its a bronzer finishing powder in the middle and a highlight on the side.. instead of pulling out three separate makeup containers i only have to get my sculpting disc out.. all three colors are amazing but what i luv most about this disc is the smell.. it has sort of a refreshing smell that i luv!!!
last are my favorite lipsticks which is macs lipstick in myth and viva glam 2. now once i tryed the myth i kinda got scared of the color but once i added a colored lip gloss to it it actually looks beautiful!! the viva glam 2 is amazing by itself.. but then again im just a sucker for nude lipsticks.. the viva glam is my everyday lipstick!!!

so thats it.. i hope you liked my very first favorites of the month so let me know what you guys think of my blog and ur guyses thoughts on these items...


  1. I am OBSESSED with Nudes! I love this blog! Youre gorgeous!


  2. thanks girl!!! i dont wear any other lipstick but nudes.. i only own one pink lipstick and the rest are nudes lol